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High School & College: Genesis Study-007

Boaz Kim
2013-11-15 18:38


Genesis Chapters 2 & 3

3. Divine Covenant between God and Men.

3.6. YAHWEH’s Gracious Provisions for the Sinners
3.6.1. Making garment for the first couple was an act of mercy by YAHWEH.
3.6.2. Weatherwise, they did not need clothes.
3.6.3. The corrupt conscience (shame and fear) needed restoration not by their own power, but by God’s grace.
3.6.4. The punishment for the sins of Adam and his wife was placed on the slaughtered lamb. YAHWEH prepared a way for the sinners to approach Him without them being killed by God’s righteous and just anger.
3.6.5. Therefore, YAHWEH provided and prescribed only one way to make peace with Himself. The only way was that the type of the promised seed of the woman, in this case, the lamb had to be slain for the first couple. From then on, they needed to cover their guilty conscience with God-given lamb’s skin. It symbolized the future sacrifice of the promised seed and God’s grace on them by giving them a perfect righteousness that they lost in their sins (3:15).
3.6.6. Adam and his descendants all needed sacrifice of the lambs to approach YAHWEH until the Messiah (the promised seed of the woman came to be slain for the sinners).
3.6.7. When Jesus of Nazareth came, He was called “the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world”. The Messiah, Christ was the fulfilled entity of the promised seed of the woman (John 1:29; Galatians 3:16; cf. Genesis 12:7; 13:15; 24:7)

3.7. Forgiven Sinners’ Miserable Life Had an Expiration Date - Blessing
3.7.1. Expulsion from the Garden of Eden was a blessing for the first couple.
3.7.2. The corrupt nature would constantly raise their head to tempt sinners be up against YAHWEH in rebellion. Wanting to become gods by taking fruits from the tree of life had been such an irresistible desire for the fallen human race.
3.7.3. By working hard throughout all his life, Adam and his descendants might learn to realize their miserable status and long for the relief from God.
3.7.4. Therefore, the physical decay and death became a blessing to Adam and his descendants for their hope of renewed body and soul after future resurrection, not re-incarnation.

Food for Thoughts:

1. Why expulsion from the Garden of Eden was a blessing to the first couple?
2. How can a sinner approach God without being killed by His righteous and just anger?