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High School & College: Genesis Study-006

Boaz Kim
2013-11-08 18:55


Genesis Chapters 2 & 3

3. Divine Covenant between God and Men.

3.4 YAHWEH’s Loving and Gracious Chastisement to Women.
3.4.1 As He promised to give the first couple their seed, so she had to undergo
to conceive, bear and give birth to a new baby. The joy of having a
newborn baby was accompanied with consequences of her sin.
3.4.2 The whole process of having a promised seed was a loving, yet gracious
chastisement of the LORD God.
3.4.3 Ceaseless yearning for her husband was there as a chastisement.
3.4.4 Tyrannical husband was a chastisement of YAHWEH to her.

3.5 YAHWEH’s Loving and Gracious Chastisement to Men.
3.5.1 Unlike His dealing with the deceived woman, YAHWEH dealt with Adam
in a just and precise manner. It was a just verdict on the offending sinner who broke YAHWEH’s covenant deliberately.
3.5.2 YAHWEH made sure that Adam had to know why he was so justly dealt with by YAHWEH. YAHWEH’s mercy always proceeded from His just dealings with a sinner.
3.5.3 Adam had to forbear the consequences of his sin of disobedience and unbelief. Adam’s loyalty to the Satan, YAHWEH’s archenemy was an act of treason in God’s Kingdom on earth.
3.5.4 Bearing the consequences of his own sin was YAHWEH’s loving and gracious chastisement to Adam.
3.5.5 As a vice-king Adam committed a sin of treason, YAHWEH justly cursed Adam’s subject, the earth. Yet the cursed earth will be completely recreated at the coming of its real King on the Last Judgment Day (Rom. 8:19-22).
3.5.6 Adam had to bear the consequences of his sin including the rebellion of his subject, the earth throughout his whole life until his temporal and physical death.
3.5.7 Thus, “it was very good” became “it was not good at all” in the midst of
God’s mercy and grace. The kingdom of YAHWEH became that of the Satan for the time being until the Seed of the woman to retake it from His enemy, the old serpent, the Satan.
3.5.8 Adam willingly and wholehearted accepted YAHWEH’s verdict on him and his wife, and responded YAHWEH’s gospel- good news. Thus he showed his faith in and gratitude to YAHWEH by naming his wife “Eve”, the mother of all living!
3.5.9 The divine order for the married couple was once for all reestablished and reconfirmed even after the Fall without change. Only recreation in the promised Seed, the Messiah the elements of chastisement are to be by and by eliminated and lifted for a better life than that of the pre-Fall.
3.5.10 Such a gracious chastisement will remain in effect until the Last Judgment Day. Meanwhile the covenant people including Christians will foretaste the blessed life in Paradise to some extent. It became only possible by God’s grace in home, and outside home especially in the Church of Jesus Christ, the only visible form of invisible Kingdom of YAHWEH.

Food for Thoughts:
1. What is YAHWEH’s chastisement to Adam?
2. Chastisement of YAHWEH is different from punishment. In what sense is it different from His punishment?