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High School & College: Genesis Study-004

Boaz Kim
2013-10-16 11:37


Genesis Chapter 2

2. Divine Design for a Perfect Relationship between God and Men

2.1 A man as an Image of God had a perfect relationship with God.

2.2 What is a perfect relationship between God and a man?

2.2.1 It is based upon a mutual trust between the Creator and His Image, the Man.
2.2.2 When a man lives by the Creator’s Manual for his life, he lives his utmost and
best life designed by his Creator.
2.2.3 When a man trusts God in his whole being, he lives his life fully.
2.2.4 In such a perfect relationship, the man trusts, knows, and loves God as he ought
2.2.5 The Bible describes such a perfect life of the man as a God-glorifying life.
2.2.6 By glorifying God the man lives God’s glory in eternity. That is the real meaning
of “life” or “eternal life”. The eternal life is at the core of the perfect
relationship between God and the man.
2.2.7 As long as Adam lived by following God’s command in Genesis 2:16-17, he lived
his best life as much as possible as God’s Image and Likeness.
2.2.8 God as a Giver, man as a recipient of God’s life, they had a perfectly mutual trust.
2.2.9 Adam had a perfect freewill as God’s Image and Likeness. Thus, Adam’s
obedience to God’s command had to be self-made and self-determined.
2.2.10 When both God and Adam kept their respective places as Creator and a creature,
then there was a perfect relationship between them. Genesis 2:16-17 made this
unilaterally perfect relationship clear for Adam to understand. Therefore,
YAHWEH’s command was neither unreasonable, nor harsh. It was indeed, a
loving command.

2.3 Loving, knowing, and trusting God was all voluntarily done by Adam as long as he kept
his place as God’s agent on earth, YAHWEH’s Kingdom.

Food for Thoughts:

1. Can you describe what the perfect relationship is between God and Adam?

2. Do we still have it? If we do, how do we know it? If we don’t, in what state our
relationship with God is now?